Starting an Ohio LLC or Corporation (to Protect from Personal Liability)

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Clients often hire our firm to create new corporations or limited liability companies. The goal here is to help clients protect themselves from personal liability. A corporation or limited liability company is a legal entity that has its own existence, separate and apart from the individuals who own it. A limited liability company or corporation can enter […]

Dissolve Ohio Corporation

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When dissolving a corporation in Ohio, there are certain steps you must follow to avoid issues later on. In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips to consider when you want to dissolve an Ohio corporation. Initial Shareholder Obligations For starters, it is essential that all outstanding claims, liabilities, debts and obligations in the corporation […]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Ohio)

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is becoming a more prevalent problem in the state of Ohio. But, did you know that an employer can be held liable for an employee’s sexual harassing and discriminatory conduct? That’s right – pursuant to the United States Supreme Court decision in Faragher v. City of Boca Raton and Burlington […]

The Importance of Record Keeping for Your Ohio Corporation or LLC (Part 2)

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As we discussed in part one of our series about record keeping, Ohio LLCs and Corporations have a number of obligations. In this post, we’ll discuss specific tips for ensuring your company stays in compliance. What to Include in Shareholder (or Member) Meeting Minutes The minutes of the annual meeting of the Shareholders of a […]

The Importance of Record Keeping for Your Corporation or LLC (Part 1)

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Do you operate an LLC or Corporation in the state of Ohio? If so, your organization does have several important record keeping obligations. In this post, we’ll explore a few of the reasons to maintain good records for your business. Ohio Code for LLCs & Corporations The Ohio Revised Code requires the Directors or Shareholders […]

Forming an LLC in Ohio

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Whether you’re a hairstylist considering opening your own salon, a web designer who wants to set out on your own, or an individual simply wanting to go into business with a friend, there are several great reasons to consider forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of Ohio. Let’s take a look at […]

Starting a Business in Ohio?

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Starting a business in Ohio is exciting, but there are several details to consider. Here are some things to think about before joining the hundreds of thousands of businesses that are registered in the Buckeye State. Considerations for Opening a Business in Ohio It may sound simple, but creating a business plan is one of the […]

What Can I Do About a Tenant Who Does Not Pay?

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What can you do to protect yourself and your rental property when your tenant fails to pay rent, utilities, or has damaged your property? In this post, we’ll explore your options for dealing with an unreliable tenant in Columbus, Ohio. Dealing with Bad Tenants Imagine that you’re the owner of a small apartment complex in Columbus, […]

Member of an LLC: Can I Still Be Held Personally Liable?

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Are you considering forming an LLC (limited liability company)? An Ohio LLC is formed by filing articles of organization with the Ohio Secretary of State and paying a fee of $125. While the cost to file is very affordable, it’s extremely important that you properly structure (and operate) your LLC. Otherwise, you could open yourself up […]

How to Form a Business in Ohio

Forming your business in Ohio requires planning and foresight. What type of business should you form? What do you need to know about Ohio’s business laws? Where can you turn for help and advice as you begin the process of forming your Ohio business? Let’s take a closer look at some considerations, as outlined in […]