Two vehicles that have crashed into one another

The most important thing to consider when you start your own business is to shield yourself from personal liability. If someone slips and falls in your business or if one of your employees has a car accident while driving the company car, how to do you avoid being personally responsible to the third party? One […]


If you have hired a bad contractor, here are some helpful tips that our clients have found helpful over the years. The most important tip is to ensure that you keep detailed documentation of all of the problems that you have had with your contractor and detailed information about the extent of your damages, out-of-pocket […]

Employee Handbook: Policies for Reporting & Investigating Complaints

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In our last article, we discussed why business owners should have a written Employee Handbook. An Employee Handbook should contain written policies that all employees must follow before a formal Complaint can be investigated. Among other policies, the handbook should also explain, in detail, how Complaints are to be reported by an employee and what […]

Employee Handbook: Why Every Business Needs One

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It is essential that every business owner drafts a written Employee Handbook that contains written policies that all employees must follow before a formal Complaint can be investigated. Every business should have a written policy that addresses harassment, intimidation, and bullying. It should define when these situations occur and provide all employees with a procedure […]

How to Protect Yourself from Personal Liability by Starting a Small Business in Ohio

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It is essential that you incorporate your business by either forming a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Limited Partnership. The reason why we create these legal entities for our small business owners is because we are shielding them from personal liability. If someone slips and falls in your business or one of your employees who […]

What is the Purpose of an Ohio LLC?

ohio llc form

You may have heard people refer to their “LLC.” Perhaps you’ve thought about starting one of your own. But what exactly is an LLC? What is the purpose of an LLC in the State of Ohio? Today, we turn to Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 1705.02 for a quick definition. It reads as follows: A limited […]

How Do I Form an LLC in Ohio?

How do I form an LLC in Ohio

Are you thinking about starting an LLC in the State of Ohio? Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 1705.02, a limited liability company can be formed for any legal purpose including operating the company for profit or non-profit purposes. Ohio Revised Code Section 1705 provides a checklist of items that are required to be provided […]

Preparing Minute Notes & Company Records in Ohio

Meeting Minutes

Even though your Ohio business may be a limited liability company or a corporation, you may still be subjected to personal liability if you fail to document your company or corporation minutes and records. To avoid this, you’ll always want to maintain all corporation or company minute notes and update your records. In this post, […]

Checklist for Buying or Selling a Business in Ohio

Buying Selling Business

Thinking about buying or selling a business in the state of Ohio? In this quick blog post, we’ll share a brief checklist of things to consider. Checklist for Buying or Selling a Business in Ohio It is essential when you purchase (or sell) a business that you develop a list that includes the following: 1) […]

Starting an Ohio LLC or Corporation (to Protect from Personal Liability)

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Clients often hire our firm to create new corporations or limited liability companies. The goal here is to help clients protect themselves from personal liability. A corporation or limited liability company is a legal entity that has its own existence, separate and apart from the individuals who own it. A limited liability company or corporation can enter […]