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Protecting Consumers from Unreliable Contractors

What can you do to protect your business or your home when a bad contractor fails to do the work or performs work that is defective?

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If you have hired a contractor to perform work and the contractor fails to do the work or performs work that is defective, you may have a cause of action for breach of the construction contract as well as a general negligence cause of action. A construction contract contains warranties to ensure that both the work that is performed and the materials that are used will be fit for the intended use of the construction. 

Measuring damages for breach of a construction contract is usually calculated by determining the cost that you must pay for someone else to complete the construction, less any part of the contract with the contractor which remains unpaid. Where a contractor fails to perform work in a workmanlike manner, the cost of repairing the deficient work is the appropriate measure of damages, which may include the cost of repairs and the cost for omitted items.

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