Trucking Accident Attorneys In Columbus, Ohio: 13 Things to Look For

So, you’ve found yourself a victim of a trucking accident and are considering engaging a lawyer in the Columbus, Ohio area. What should you do first?

Consider the following 13 questions as you evaluate your options. (Need to talk to an attorney in your area now? Give us a call, and we can help you.)

13 Questions to Ask Trucking Accident Attorneys

When you are evaluating trucking accident attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, some of the questions you should ask the attorney include:

  1. What is the attorney’s experience and level of expertise in handling trucking accident cases as well as the attorney’s litigation experience and trial experience?
  2. Does the attorney focus his area of practice on trucking accidents? (Ask about the number of trucking accident cases the attorney has handled over his or her career.)
  3. Can the attorney handle trucking accident cases throughout the state or in limited Ohio counties?
  4. What verdicts and settlements has the attorney obtained for trucking accident victims?
  5. What are the attorney’s specific methods and strategies when filing a trucking accident claim to efficiently and effectively obtain a successful outcome?
  6. Has the attorney received specific reviews from former trucking accident clients and professional colleagues?
  7. Will the attorney consider all of the criteria and factors under Ohio law to determine the value of your trucking accident claim?
  8. What is the attorney’s knowledge in the area of trucking accident law in Ohio?
  9. What have been the jury verdicts on trucking accident claims in the county where the personal injury originated and what are juries awarding for similar claims?
  10. Will the attorney actually listen to your specific needs and be receptive and compassionate and genuinely interested in being the best advocate for you?
  11. Does the attorney seem interested in thoroughly addressing all of your questions and concerns?
  12. For what reasons does the attorney enjoy representing injured trucking accident claimants, and why does he or she specialize in personal injury law?
  13. Does the attorney primarily obtain new cases through attorney or client referrals? Or, does he or she rely on television advertising and mass mailings to obtain potential trucking accident claimants.

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