When you are hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you in an auto, trucking, motorcycle, or slip and fall case, it is essential that you look for the following factors:

1) theattorney's experience in personal injury law, litigation experience, and trial experience;

2)whether the attorney receives reviews from former clients and peers;

3) the attorneys attends to your specific needs including being a good listener and being receptive and apathetic to

your questions and thoroughly addresses all of your questions and concerns;

4) the verdicts in settlement the attorney obtained for their personal injury clients;

5) the specific method and strategy of determining when to file a personal injury lawsuit;

6) the methods used to obtain successful outcomes;

7) whether the attorney will be the only attorney working on your case or whether they utilize other associates or paralegals;

8) whether the attorney has taken the time to provide you with a thorough analysis of Ohio law in determining the value of your claim;

9) the attorney has taken the time to provide you with a thorough analysis and summary of the litigation stages and what to expect in litigation;

10) the attorney has taken time to explain to you the jury verdicts in the county where the personal injury claim originated in and what potential juries are awarding for similar claims;

11) the attorney's marketing strategy such as using television advertising or mass mailings to solicit further potential personal injury claimants;

12) whether the attorney enjoys practicing personal injury law;

13) assessing the attorney's passion for representing his clients;

14) whether the attorney provides copies of all correspondence sent out to the insurance carriers and copies of all

pleadings filed in the litigation to his/her client.

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