The most important evidence to gather in a Automobile Personal Injury Case

If you have been a  victim in an Automobile accident the most important items to gather as evidence in a personal injury auto case are as follows:

  1. A narrative on the moments before the impact;
  2. The impact and a narrative about the impact;
  3. Details on the damage to the vehicles involved;
  4. A thorough outline of all of the discussions between the negligent driver and you; and
  5. A list of all of the unsafe things the negligent driver did.


Moments Before

It is critical to outline all of the details of where you were moments before the impact and what you were doing. Also, outline what the negligent driver was doing moments before the impact based on your view of what you saw, and make a list of all of the safe things that you were doing prior to the impact.



It is critical to outline what happened in the car when the impact occurred. As an example, outline whether you were thrown forward, thrown backward, or any part of your body hit any part of the inside of the car and any damage to the interior of your car. It is also critical that you outline in detail how far your vehicle was pushed forward due to the impact with the other vehicle and how far your vehicle moved from the point of impact until it came to its final resting position. It is also critical that you not move the vehicles from their final resting positions until the officer arrives and tells you to move the vehicles.


Damage to the vehicles

 It is critical to outline in detail, through photographs and written notes, where the vehicle’s final resting positions were after the impact and to take photographs that show all of the exterior and interior damage to all of the vehicles involved. It is critical that you show the officer all the damage to your vehicle and ensure that the officer has had time to view all of the damage to all of the vehicles involved and to request that the officer take photographs.


Discussions with the negligent driver

It is critical that you take notes outlining all your discussions with the negligent driver after the wreck. Be a good listener. Oftentimes the negligent driver will tell you what caused the wreck. Take notes on all admissions made by the negligent driver including details about whether they were texting, using their phone or not paying attention which is what caused the wreck.


A list of all of the unsafe things that the negligent driver did

Immediately after the wreck, take notes that outline all the unsafe things that the negligent driver did. Here are some examples. If the negligent driver failed to yield at a traffic light, failed to stop, or was not paying attention, make a note of all these issues. Oftentimes the most common unsafe things that negligent drivers do include instances when they are distracted, not paying attention, or are using their cell phone or texting.

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