The Importance Of Mediation In Resolving Personal Injury Cases

In every personal injury case, we aggressively pursue all of our client’s claims and are not scared to take their cases to trial. However, we always recommend that we do a Mediation in all of our cases so that our clients can carefully weigh all of their options and have an alternative choice.

We always choose an experienced Mediator that does more than just push settlement numbers back and forth between the Parties. 

In a Mediation, a Mediator facilitates settlement negotiations between the Parties. The Mediation usually lasts about half a day and is usually scheduled in the morning or early afternoon. The Mediator does not act like a judge or an arbitrator who can impose orders or issue rulings that affect the outcome of your case. The Mediator works with the Parties to allow the Parties to reach their own settlement. 

We have found over the last 23 years of representing clients that the final settlement offer that we see at a Mediation is most of the time much better than the verdicts that we have seen in Franklin County and the surrounding counties that include Delaware, Licking, Clark and Pickaway. 

From 2012 to 2018 the average jury verdicts in Franklin County were between $12,000.00 to over $18,000.00. As well, juries awarded very little money for the client’s pain and suffering or the anxiety and stress that they went through since their personal injury incident. Very little money is awarded for a client’s general damages that also include the nature and extent of their injuries, their limitations and restrictions, and their permanent injuries. Another reason why we mediate all of our cases is because of the enormous cost involved with taking a client’s case to trial. It usually costs $4,000.00 to $6,000.00 to pay a client’s treating doctor to testify on a client’s behalf. If we can negotiate a settlement for a client at a Mediation, we can avoid having to pay for these expensive costs. 

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