Semi Truck Accident in Ohio: Tips for Victims

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision involving a truck driver, it is essential that you preserve the correct types of evidence.

In this article, we’ll explore the types of evidence you should collect when involved with a semi truck accident in Ohio.

Take Photos & Notes

It is essential that, while at the scene of the accident, you take as many photos as possible. The photos should clearly show all of the damage to your vehicle and to the semi truck. It is also important that you document in a diary any conversations that you had with the negligent truck driver, including comments that they made to you at the scene of the collision. Take notes about the demeanor of the driver, particularly whether he looked impaired or intoxicated. If so, be sure to mention this to the investigating officer and ensure that the police officer conducts the necessary tests.

If You Work with an Attorney

In litigation, our firm always takes the deposition of the safety director of the defendant truck company along with the driver’s sworn testimony. Our focus at these depositions is to gather documentation regarding the negligent truck driver’s job history, experience and training, his driving training record, his driving record, his familiarity with the motor carrier safety regulations, all of his log books and hours of service, as well as his job responsibilities and day-to-day duties.

If You Represent Yourself

If you are representing yourself, it is essential to request the following documents:

1) the truck driver’s log book;

2) bills of lading which are records that show what cargo the truck driver would have hauled;

3) the truck driver’s personnel file;

4) the truck driver’s driving record and traffic and criminal file;

5) maintenance and repair records for the last five years for both the truck and trailer;

6) crash report;

7) the insurance policies for both the truck and trailer;

8) the driving safety system in place at the time of the collision; and

9) any and all of the contracts or agreements between the truck driver and the individuals that he was driving for

10) any agreements between the owner of the truck and the trailer that the driver was pulling.

It is also essential that you request all of your own medical records and bills. Be sure to thoroughly keep a diary of all of your injuries and limitations, as well.

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