Personal Injury Victims in Ohio: What Our Firm Does

Our law firm prides itself in taking the necessary time to obtain all of the information that we need to be the best advocate for personal injury clients. Here’s how we work with personal injury victims in Ohio.

Gathering the Facts

Our initial interview takes at least an hour. During the interview process, we begin by going through all of the facts relating to the client’s auto accident, pedestrian collision, trucking accident, or slip and fall incident. We work to gather all of the facts relating to how the accident occurred and all of the witnesses that were present at the accident scene. We elicit information relating to all of our client’s stories about the moments before the incident, the impact and force of the impact, where their final resting position was, discussions that they had with the negligent driver and all eyewitnesses that appeared at the scene.

Understanding the Victim’s Perspective

It is critical during this part of the interview to obtain all of a client’s innermost thoughts, fears and emotions moments before, during and after an accident. During the impact, we always ask our clients what was happening to them inside their vehicle, and whether the force of the impact caused any part of their body to impact any part of the inside of their vehicle. We spend a lot of time talking about their anxiety and fears during an accident. It is also critical during this stage of the interview to obtain a well-documented summary of all injuries. We require that all of our new clients provide details and descriptive words describing the extent of their injuries, the duration and extent of their pain and the frequency of their pain.

The Importance of Photos

We review all photographs of the accident scene that depict vehicular damage, injuries, and the vehicles’ final resting position after the impact. We also obtain all details about any unsafe things that the negligent driver did.

During the interview process, we always emphasize to our clients the importance of taking photographs that depict all of their injuries that are visible. Clients should also maintain a diary that documents their impairments, pain, injuries, and other issues. We spend a lot of time reviewing our clients’ damages, which includes medical costs, lost wages, stress, and pain and suffering.

Reviewing the Factors of Compensation

During the interview process, we also thoroughly provide our clients with all of the factors that are considered in determining whether they are entitled to full, just, and fair compensation. These factors are outlined in our article about personal injury case damages in Ohio.

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