Personal Injury: The Importance of Providing a Thorough Medical History

In nearly 20 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer in Ohio, the biggest issue I’ve seen that negatively impacts a claim is a client’s failure to provide thorough medical history to their physicians. Failing to document your personal injury medical history, limitations, and restrictions is a big mistake to avoid.

Here are tips for avoiding this mistake.

Provide the Entire History

It is critical whenever you are seeing a physician that you thoroughly provide your physician with an entire history since the date of the incident. Narrate all of your injuries in detail as well as all of your limitations and restrictions.

Follow Through with Treatment

With ongoing medical and insurance costs, some clients elect not to follow up with their physician to get the necessary medical care and treatment. This is a huge mistake. Without constant follow-up, treatment, and records of your injuries and limitations from your treating doctors, the insurance company will not thoroughly assess the entire value of your claim.

It is not enough that you document all of your injuries and limitations in your own diary notes and make these complaints to the insurance adjuster. Oftentimes, the insurance company will not take into account your own complaints.

Seek Emergency Care When Necessary

If you are feeling any pain, it is essential that you go to the emergency room, urgent care, or primary care physician immediately for treatment. Many times, clients who obtain immediate medical assistance have quicker recovery times.

It is essential that you thoroughly outline for the care provider all of your injuries and describe what the pain feels like and whether it is constant or ongoing. Make a list to provide the doctor that explains all of the limitations that are constant and ongoing. For example is it an aching pain? Is it a burning throbbing type pain? Be as descriptive as possible.

Stress & Anxiety

Also, be sure to provide your doctor with a summary of any anxiety and stress that you went through since the accident. Document the accident’s impact on your life, especially how the wreck impacted the activities that you enjoyed.

Be Thorough

In summary, providing your doctors with a thorough medical history will help document your file and will assist the insurance company to better understand the extent of your injuries.

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