10 Damage Categories for Personal Injury Claims in Ohio

Wondering what your personal injury case is worth?

At the Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC, we have helped countless people like you investigate this question. Under Ohio Law, a personal injury claimant is entitled to be paid by the insurance company for full, fair, and just compensation for all of the following damage categories.

10 Damage Categories for Personal Injury Claims

  1. The nature and extent of your injuries. This includes the nature of your injuries, the severity and extent of your injuries, and the effect that your injuries have had on your physical health.
  2. Physical pain.
  3. Physical impairments. This includes either a whole or partial loss of function of any use of any of your body parts whether temporary or permanent.
  4. Pain and suffering or anxiety or mental suffering. This damage category is a very important category that includes: anxiety or worries concerning your injuries, limitations, and restrictions, and concerns about your ongoing pain including worries about your future pain and suffering that is reasonably expected to occur. Mental suffering or anxiety is the emotional distress of your mind that includes frustration, embarrassment, or indignity caused by your injuries, restrictions, and limitations.
  5. Loss of enjoyment of life. This damage category involves a loss caused by a total or partial reduction in all of the activities that brought you joy and satisfaction.
  6. Inability to perform your usual activities. This damage category includes all of your restrictions and limitations that are limiting your ability to perform all of your usual activities including your ability to walk, jog, feed yourself, drive a car, take care of your family, cook, perform household and yard work, and care for your pets.
  7. Humiliation. This damage category includes how your injuries and limitations have caused you embarrassment.
  8. Loss of earnings.
  9. Hospital and medical expenses. This includes all reasonable and necessary charges for hospital care and treatments from your treating doctors, surgeons, psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and any other reasonable and necessary medical care and treatment.
  10. Permanent injuries and future medical care and expenses. This is the most important damage category. Under Ohio Law, if any of your injuries or restrictions and limitations are permanently impaired, you can recover the medical costs and expenses of all future medical care and treatment. Your treating physician must provide documentation that outlines his or her opinion within a reasonable degree of medical probability or certainty that the injures you sustained as a result of the incident are permanent. Also, he or she must document if it is probable that as a result of your permanent injuries you will likely sustain future medical expenses.


With all of these points to consider, you will see how necessary precise documentation is to your case. If you would like assistance in considering your case, feel free to contact our office for assistance.

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