How Much is My Case Worth?

Personal injury cases are as varied as the situations that lead to them.

There is no cookie cutter standard, because the ultimate financial impact of injuries is unknown until after medical treatment is completed. Some personal injury cases lead to chronic medical treatment for injuries that must be managed throughout one’s life. Back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and similar damage can cause these types of chronic medical issues.

Let’s take a closer look at how case value is determined.

How is Case Value Determined?

When determining the value of your personal injury case, the team at The Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC will review your information and make recommendations. The final decision on settlement will be yours, but we will ensure that you have all of the information required to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Factors determining case value typically include:

  • Liability or negligence of the other party, which is determined from the police report or an independent investigation of the accident
  • Medical diagnosis of your injuries from a doctor and the doctor’s assessment regarding the seriousness of those injuries
  • Any medical treatment required due to your injuries
  • Medical records provided to our office from your doctor’s office
  • Doctor’s prognosis
  • Lost earnings or lost future earnings caused by the injuries
  • Total financial amount of medical bills and future treatment your doctor predicts based on your injuries
  • Expenses that have been incurred or are reasonably certain in the future resulting from your injuries

What Does Litigation Involve?

Filing a lawsuit does not mean that you’ll have to go to court. It simply means that the case is in a more official environment that requires the lawyers to exchange information in order to reach a resolution.

The litigation process involves written discovery, in which your attorney provides written documentation regarding your case. Oral discovery, also referred to as depositions, are sworn verbal statements from the case’s witnesses.

During the discovery process, the court conducts pretrials to monitor the status of the trial preparation and ensure that the lawyers are cooperating to exchange all necessary information. You will likely be required to be present for a final pretrial because that is frequently when settlements are discussed.

Insurance companies often request that injured parties be examined by a doctor of their choosing in order to confirm your doctor’s medical diagnosis in a personal injury case. If you are not already under the care of a physician, you may be asked to schedule an examination.

If the case is not settled, it will go to trial. Your attorney will work with you to prepare for this in order to pursue your personal injury case as aggressively as possible. After a settlement or verdict is determined for your personal injury case, a detailed Closing Statement should be prepared for you.

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