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Protecting Victims of Train and Locomotive Accidents

Train accidents can involve locomotives or light rail systems. Railroads must do their very best to make railroad crossings safe, which requires installing gates, lights, and other warnings to motorists. When a railroad company does not properly mark the crossings, it creates an unacceptable risk for the driving public.

There are complex laws governing railroad operations in the United States. These laws set forth specific standards of conduct that railroad companies must follow. There are also very specific technical liability issues such as the following:

  1. The operational negligence of the train crew for the safe operation and control of the locomotive
  2. The negligence of the railroad crew in failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to maintain the safe speed of the train
  3. The operational negligence of the train crew
  4. The safety aspects of the railroad road crossing

Tom Somos has experience in handling railroad accident claims, whether it be a crash at a railroad crossing with other trains, vehicles, or pedestrians. We also handle situations regarding improper track maintenance, derailment, defects in the trains, tracks, or infrastructure, or spilling of hazardous waste. Please contact The Law Office of Tom Somos to assist you.

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