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Were you bitten by a dog? I Protect Victims Of Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

I know that being bitten by a dog can be scary, dangerous, and very painful. Let me help you get the medical care and compensation that you deserve!

Dog bites can result in serious scarring and deformity, and some even result in death. 7 out of 10 injured victims of a fatal dog attack are children.

Dog owners in Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas who responsibly own and socialize their dogs can prevent most dog bites.

However, the owner of an animal is responsible for the acts of that animal and can be held liable for an injury caused by an animal he or she owns.

The owner of an animal is liable for any injury or damage caused by it, without regard to the owner’s negligence or another fault.

We will need to prove that:

  • The defendant was the owner of the animal that bit you
  • It committed the act complained of
  • The act was the direct or proximate cause of the injury and damages you sustained


Even if you feel you cannot prove these things on your own, you should contact me.  We have ways to find the information we need, and I will help you to determine this and help you get the compensation you deserve.

The owner of dogs and other domestic animals are responsible for damage caused by their negligence in keeping them.

The principal test of the owner’s negligence is whether he could or could not reasonably have anticipated the occurrence that resulted in the injury. The owner is chargeable with knowledge of the propensities of his livestock; that is, with knowledge of what the animals are likely to do.

If you or your child has sustained injuries from an animal attack or dog bite, you can recover compensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering by pursuing a negligence claim against the owner of the animal.

My name is Tom Somos and I can handle your dog bite case. I am available to serve dog bite victims in the greater Columbus area.

Please contact The Law Office of Tom Somos to discuss your case.  Please complete our Consultation Form or call us at 614.488.2270  for a confidential and FREE consultation. 

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