Why a Reputable Ohio Home Inspector Should Thoroughly Inspect Your Dream Home

When you’re planning a big move to the home of your dreams, you don’t want to take any shortcuts. From researching the area to planning how to optimize the layout, you have undoubtedly spent hours of time and energy selecting this home.

You want this purchase to be safe and comfortable for your family. How can you assure that there are no big bad surprises lurking beneath the surface?

From termites to mold to electrical issues and everything in between, don’t be caught off guard. We tell all of our clients to always hire a reputable Ohio home inspector before they purchase their dream home. Inspectors know what to look for to make sure that the property is free from any defects and not in need of costly repairs.

Let’s take a closer look at why having an Ohio home inspector is so important to making an informed buying decision.

Report of Issues and Defects

A home inspector will provide you with a report that shows all of the issues and defects with the property and list all of the repairs that must be made. We always request that the home inspector provide our clients with a thorough report outlining all of the issues with the property and outlining what repairs need to be made. We always use those reports to try to negotiate a reduction of the purchase price so that our clients will have the money needed to make all the necessary repairs. When the repairs are made by the seller, the home inspector should always go back to the home to ensure that all of the repairs were completed.


When your realtor drafts your purchase agreement it is critical that you add a contingency that all repairs requested by your home inspector will be made to your complete satisfaction as determined in your sole and absolute discretion.

If you learn of any defects with the property or repairs that were not initially found by your home inspector, you may also have a claim against your home inspector in addition to potential claims against the seller.

Additional Questions about Ohio Home Inspectors

Do you have questions about purchasing a new home? Need more tips for hiring an Ohio home inspector? Our office is always happy to help people navigate this exciting time of life. We have helped numerous clients with real estate needs in the Columbus, Ohio area.

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