Ohio Deposition Preparation Tips

It’s important to take the deposition process seriously. In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips for ensuring your deposition goes smoothly.

What is a Deposition?

A deposition is the sworn testimony of parties that are involved in a lawsuit that has been filed with the court. Depositions typically take place in a law office with a court reporter, the parties to the case, and the attorneys representing the parties. The purpose of these depositions is to obtain information from all parties as to the events surrounding the subject of the lawsuit.

This information can include everything from eyewitness accounts, bills, records, receipts, photographs, medical history, employment history, financial history, and any other document that helps to prove (or disprove) the claims made within the lawsuit.

Preparing for Your Deposition

It is essential that you go into your deposition well prepared. You should always have a phone or face-to-face conference with your attorney before your deposition. During this conference, your attorney can help you sort through all of the documentation gathered during the course of the case. You and your attorney should sort through the documents to help refresh your memory about the events that led to the filing of the lawsuit.

During this pre-deposition conference, your attorney will also explain to you how to answer questions while under oath. Questions should be answered truthfully at all times and be kept short and on point. You should not offer information that was not asked in the question. Your attorney will guide you on to how to stay on topic and to resist the urge to add or omit information.

Deposition Tips

Depositions can be stressful because you are under oath. Your attorney should be able to provide you with pointers for dealing with that stress. For example, taking short breaks is a good way to clear your head and refocus.

For many, depositions can actually be somewhat therapeutic because this is the time when you finally get to discuss the events that led to the lawsuit and how those events affected you and your loved ones. During your pre-deposition conference, your attorney will explain how to navigate those emotions that will surely arise during your testimony.

Need Help Preparing for a Deposition in Ohio?

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