Babysitter & Child Center Liability in Ohio

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Do your children attend a daycare, child center or babysitter? Are you worried about their safety?

In this post, we’ll discuss the topic of babysitter and child center liability in Ohio.

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Ohio Law & Childcare Givers

Ohio Revised Code section 2919.26 requires that all childcare givers and day care providers must inform parents when a child has been seriously injured while in their care. Furthermore, a parent can ask the provider to complete a child care disclosure form that lists the qualifications of the provider, the maximum number of children to whom they provide child care for at one time, and whether any child in their care has suffered injuries that led to the child being hospitalized.

A babysitter or child care provider cannot misrepresent any factor or condition that substantially effects the health or safety of any child while in their care.

State Inspection Reports

If the provider is a daycare center, you have the right as a client to review all of provider’s state inspection reports. Under Ohio law, all daycare centers have to post all of their state inspection reports in their daycare center. It is critical that you carefully examine all of the staff qualifications, childcare provider-to-children ratios, and all criminal background checks.

It’s also wise to occasionally drop in at the daycare center during different times of the day (and unannounced), so you can see what is going on. Be weary and suspicious if the daycare center discourages this practice.

Babysitter Rules

Babysitters do not have to have a license in Ohio (unless they are taking care of more than six children). If your babysitter is unlicensed and is taking care of more than six children, he or she is breaking the law. Unlicensed child care in Ohio is a serious problem.

To report an illegal childcare operation in Ohio, you can call 1-866-635-3748 and select option 2, and then option 1.

Tips for Choosing a Childcare Provider

Now that we’ve discussed the obligations of childcare providers, here are some helpful tips when trying to choose one:

1) Ask the provider to complete a childcare disclosure form;

2) Run a criminal background check on the provider;

3) See if the provider has insurance;

4) Ask for parent references; and

5) See if the provider has undergone any first aid training.

Need Help?

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