Ohio Auto Injury Trial Tips

Are you nervous about testifying in your Ohio auto injury trial? A good attorney can (and should) help you properly prepare.

In this article, we’ll discuss tips for preparing.

Your Attorney is Your Coach

In an Ohio auto accident case, it is extremely important that your attorney thoroughly prepares you for your testimony. Your attorney needs to help you think through every aspect of the accident. You should be able to describe, in length, all of the facts and circumstances that led you to the accident scene. A reliable attorney should take you through a series of detailed questions, such as:

  • What were you doing moments before the impact?
  • What was the final impact?
  • What was happening to you inside the vehicle?
  • Were you jerked forward, backwards, or some other direction?
  • Did any part of your body hit the inside of the vehicle?
  • Where did your vehicle end up in its final resting position?
  • What damage occurred to other vehicles involved in the crash?

You will also need to testify about all of your conversations with the negligent driver and eyewitnesses involved, and provide as much detail about all of the unsafe things that the negligent driver did.

Your attorney should also provide his or her thorough summary of the accident, along with all of his or her theories on liability (and the facts that support it).

Medical Care & Treatment Information

Your attorney needs to provide you with a thorough outline of your medical care and treatment from the date of the accident to the current date. At The Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC, we like to provide our clients with a written timeline of all of their medical care and treatment from the date of their accident to current. It is important that you describe your injuries and provide a thorough summary of all of your pain, restrictions, limitations, and medical treatment. At our practice, we take time to thoroughly review all of our client’s treatments, limitations and restrictions both before and after the accident.

Presenting Yourself to the Jury

When you are speaking to the jury, it is important that you are dressed professionally (as if you are going to church). Be respectful and courteous to opposing counsel and court personnel, and always be mindful of how you conduct yourself in the courtroom. The jury will always be watching you: while you sit next to your counsel, whenever you walk in and out of the courtroom, and obviously when it’s your turn to speak.

Above all else, be completely honest about everything.

Need Help?

If you would like some additional help dealing with an Ohio auto injury trial, our team at The Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC is here to help.

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