Ohio Auto Accidents: Being Your Own Advocate

Ohio auto accidents can be very frustrating to deal with – especially when you’re caught unprepared.

Before an accident strikes, please consider the following recommendations. They can save you significant time and frustration should you be in an auto accident in the State of Ohio.

Take Photographs

It is critical when you are involved in an auto accident to take as many photographs as you can that depict the damage to all of the vehicles involved and document all of your injuries, restrictions, and limitations.

If you are injured as a result of someone’s negligence, it is important that you immediately take pictures of all of your visible injuries and maintain a diary documenting all of your injuries, pain, impairments, restrictions and your inability to perform activities both at home and at work.

Write Conversations Down

If you had any conversations with the negligent driver, it is essential that you write those conversations down. It is especially important to document any admissions that the negligent driver may have made, particularly anything that the negligent driver did that was unsafe. If there are any safety signs or any lights at the scene of the crash, it is also important that you take photographs and document the scene of your crash.

Gather Evidence

At the scene of the motor vehicle collision, it is important that you gather all of the necessary evidence. This includes the following:

1) the name of all of the drivers involved along with all of their insurance information;

2) obtain as many witness names and addresses as possible;

3) contact the police and file an accident report;

4) take pictures of all of the vehicles involved both exterior and interior;

5) obtain medical treatment as soon as possible; and

6) take down as many notes about the accident as possible.

Talk to Your Medical Provider

Whenever you see the doctor, it is extremely important that you provide the doctor with a thorough history of all of your injuries from top to bottom and be thorough about all of your limitations and restrictions. Use descriptive words to describe what it feels like inside your body. For example, one might describe neck pain as “an aching throbbing sensation” or back pain as a “burning radiating pain.” Be as descriptive and detailed as possible. The narrative that you provide your doctor is critical when documenting all of your injuries and restrictions. The insurance company may not believe you, but they will believe your doctors. A large part of your insurance adjuster’s evaluation is based on how well your doctors document all of your injuries and limitations.

We’re Here to Help

Remember, under Ohio law, always keep in mind that you are entitled to full, fair and just compensation for the damage categories that we’ve outlined here. If you’d like to speak with an attorney, please consider contacting our firm.

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