Motorcycle Accident Case in Ohio: Full, Fair, & Just Compensation

In order to obtain full and fair compensation on a motorcycle accident case in Ohio, it is essential to always remember that you are entitled to more than just medical bills and lost earnings.

Ohio law allows you to recover general damages that include your pain and suffering, which is the anxiety and stress that you have been under since your accident. Ohio law allows you to recover damages for factors that include the nature and extent of your injuries, your limitations and restrictions, and the loss of activities that you enjoy doing. If you have any permanent injuries, you are also entitled to future medical care and treatment.


It is also important that you understand that in Ohio, injured victims do not receive compensation for all of the expenses submitted by their medical providers. They are only paid the contractual rate or a reduced rate of the bills paid by your health insurance plan or auto insurance company that are accepted by your medical providers as payment in full. Such bills paid by your health insurance or auto insurance company are drastically less than the real charges submitted by your medical provider. This is extremely unfair given that you pay your premiums to have health and auto coverage. However, in a motorcycle accident case, you are only entitled to the reduced rate of your bills submitted, and you have to pay back your health insurance and auto insurance at the end of your case for all bills paid by your health insurance and auto insurance company on your behalf.

Your health insurance and auto insurance companies should not have the right to recoup any of your medical bills since you pay your premium to have this coverage. Nevertheless, Ohio law entitles your health insurance and auto insurance companies to recoup all of the medical bills that were paid on your behalf, which is a subrogation claim. We aggressively negotiate these claims and get reductions for our clients at the end of their cases.

In addition to being compensated for all of your medical bills, lost wages, and prescription bills, you are entitled to be compensated fully for the damages.

Jury’s Decision

In Ohio, a jury will determine how much to award you for pain and suffering and disability based on the medical evidence, the testimony of your treating physician, your own testimony, and the testimony of your supporting witnesses.

Thinking about Your Case?

If you are left with questions about your motorcycle accident case, we are happy to discuss your situation at The Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC.

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