Looking for an Automobile Accident Attorney In Columbus ?

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Were you injured in an accident?  Personal injury accidents may cause unwanted changes in your life. You may have permanent disabilities and thousands of dollars in medical bills, on top of property damages and the inability to return to work. You may have lost someone close to you because of another person’s negligence. 

Let us help you take away the stress of dealing with the insurance company.  You can take your life back with help from Columbus Personal Injury Attorney Tom Somos and the Somos Law Firm. Lawyers Protecting You! 

There are many choices when you have a car accident, and we know it can be confusing, painful, and even deadly sometimes.  That is why I will handle your case from start to finish with you and for you.  We will fight the insurance companies to get you the healthcare and compensation that you deserve.

We don’t push you off onto unqualified paralegals and helpers.  I will be there. I will listen to you. I will be the best auto accident attorney in Columbus…Period. 

You have choices, and what I recommend is calling me.  I will always give you free consultations, and of course, our conversations are always 100% private.  I will listen to what you have gone through and what you are still overcoming.  I will work with you by getting all of these details documented.  I have made a great page and video about what to do when you are in a car accident in Columbus, so if you have not watched this or check out the page, please do so by clicking HERE.

So many insurance companies railroad people when they deserver so much more.  If you are afraid of being taken advantage of. If you do not like to deal with lawyers and big companies and you are injured, then you have options and you have rights.  I will fight for them all when you call me to discuss your case. 


You can also use my contact form located HERE if you prefer.

Being in an automobile accident in Columbus is a scary thing.  You need great representation, and I want to earn your trust and business.  Please give me a call at any time if I can be of assistance to you or your loved ones.



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