10 Things to Ask Lawyers Specializing in Dog Bites in Ohio

When you are looking to hire a dog bite attorney, you already have a lot on your mind. Even after you have decided on an attorney to represent you, you may still be wondering how to focus your discussion.

In this article, we’ll share ten things to ask about when evaluating lawyers specializing in dog bites.

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10 Things to Ask About When Evaluating Lawyers Specializing in Dog Bites

Here are ten key things to ask about when evaluating dog bite attorneys in Ohio:

1. Experience

The attorney’s expertise and level of experience in handling dog bite cases as well as the attorney’s trial experience;

2. Area of Focus

Whether the attorney handles dog bite cases throughout the entire state of Ohio or in limited Ohio counties;

3. Track Record

The verdicts and settlements that the attorney has obtained for dog bite incident victims;

4. Ohio Law

All of the factors examined under Ohio law to determine the value of your dog bite claim;

5. Knowledge

The attorney’s knowledge in the area of dog bite law in Ohio and his or her specific strategies and methods used to maximize an injured victim’s personal injury dog bite case;

6. Local Verdicts

The jury verdicts on dog bite claims in the county where the dog bite case originated and what juries are awarding for similar claims;

7. Attention to Your Needs

Whether the attorney has carefully undertaken all of your questions and concerns;

8. Motivation

Why the attorney enjoys representing dog bite claimants and why he or she specializes in personal injury law;

9. Source of Business

What is the method the attorney principally uses to obtain his or her dog bite cases;

10. Strategy

The specific method and strategy the attorney implements to effectively obtain a successful outcome.

More Questions for Dog Bite Attorneys?

With these suggestions, you can enter the conversation with confidence. You will know how to direct your attention from one priority to the next. If you are looking for an attorney to represent your dog bite case in Ohio, feel free to contact The Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC today.

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