4 Tips for Protecting Yourself with a Home Contractor

Whether you’ve built a new home, remodeled your existing house, or manage properties for a living, there’s a good chance that you’ve worked with one or more home contractors. Home contractors can be very beneficial to the value of your property, especially if you’re inexperienced with construction.

Unfortunately, not every contractor delivers the same level of quality or customer service. In fact, some home contractors are unreliable or even negligent.

Before entering into a contract, you must be careful to protect yourself. In this article, I’ll share four quick tips to consider when dealing with a home contractor in the state of Ohio.

Four Important Tips to Remember

When dealing with a contractor, here are four of the most important things that you need to do:

  1. Make sure you select a contractor that has been recommended by others that have used them. Ask for personal recommendations, but also look online for public reviews written by past customers.
  2. Make sure you thoroughly investigate and check out all of your referrals to make sure that the contractor is reputable and has the training and experience necessary to complete the project. Ask plenty of questions during this phase.
  3. Always negotiate a maximum guaranteed price with the contractor. This means placing a limit on the amount of money that you will pay the contractor for all of the work performed. This is called a “maximum guaranteed price.” Always make sure the contractor agrees on the maximum guaranteed price. And, of course, make sure this is documented in writing. This guaranteed maximum price should cover all of the contractor’s services, labor, and supplies needed to complete the job.
  4. Always ensure that the contractor provides you with a written agreement that specifically lists all of the work they are promising to finish. This should also include specific deadlines and guarantee a completion date. To ensure that this is accomplished, make sure that the written agreement includes a condition that “time is of the essence.”

Need Help Dealing with an Unreliable Home Contractor?

If you find yourself dealing with a bad home contractor in the state of Ohio, our firm can assist you. Our office is conveniently located in the Columbus, Ohio area, so feel free to stop by during normal business hours. You can also give us a call (614.488.2270) or fill out this form for additional information. We look forward to learning more about your needs.

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