Importance of Discussing Your Injuries and Medical Care

The importance of discussing your injuries and the medical care and treatment that you received in detail during your sworn testimony.

It is extremely important when you have the opportunity to do your sworn testimony in your personal injury case that you lay out all of your injuries in detail and discuss in detail, your medical care and treatment received.

When you get a question about what injuries and treatment you received as a result of your accident, it is critical that you discuss 4 subjects in length.

The first subject relates to laying out in detail all of your injuries from top to bottom. It is extremely important that you describe what is going on in your body. Most of my clients look great from the outside. We encourage them to take the attorney by the hand and describe to the attorney what is going on in detail, using descriptive words. As an example, it is not enough to just say headaches.

Describe what the headache feels like. Is it an aching headache? Is it constant? Is it throbbing? Describe the headache in detail. If a client has neck or back pain, describe what the neck and back pain feels like. Is it aching and constant? Is it a throbbing, piercing pain? Use as many descriptive words to describe the full extent of all of your injuries from top to bottom.

The second subject area is that you have to lay out in detail all of your limitations and restrictions. For example, do you have difficulty lifting, bending, or stooping? Do you have a restricted range of motion? Describe in detail all of your limitations and restrictions.

The next subject relates to going through in detail all of your medical care and treatment. You must do this in a timeline in chronological order starting with the first medical provider that you saw after your accident and going one medical provider at a time, and ending with the last medical provider that you most recently saw. It is important when you talk about each medical provider that you list all of your injuries and tell the attorney what each medical provider did to help you.

The final subject relates to you describing your current injuries, limitations and restrictions. If any of your doctors told you that your injuries are permanent, you must tell the attorney and describe what treatment they are recommending and the cost of this treatment.

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