How to Form a Business in Ohio

Forming your business in Ohio requires planning and foresight.

What type of business should you form? What do you need to know about Ohio’s business laws? Where can you turn for help and advice as you begin the process of forming your Ohio business?

Let’s take a closer look at some considerations, as outlined in our free Ohio business formation guide.

Type of Business Formation

Deciding what type of business to form is one of the first legal steps you will take in starting your business in Ohio. Your business mission, number of employees, and other factors will help determine whether you should set up a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, corporation, franchise, or closely held corporation. Speaking with an experienced attorney will help you decide what type of business to form.

Legal Agreements for Your Ohio Business

Legal agreements protect your Ohio business as well as your employees and clients. Setting clear legal guidelines for expectations ensures that everyone takes responsibility for their actions. Hiring contracts, employee applications, employee confidentiality agreements, independent contractor agreements, employee handbooks, and other legal documents may be needed for your Ohio business.

Your Legal Team

As you begin forming your business, you’ll likely have a number of questions and concerns. The attorneys at the Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC work with both commercial and business law in the state of Ohio and are well-versed in working with new and seasoned business owners alike. Your attorney will provide you with expert advice and legal counsel as you make important decisions for your new business.

Whether you’re searching for advice on starting a new business in Ohio or seeking help in dealing with a contract dispute, the Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC can assist you. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals work with the Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC for both commercial and business law in the state of Ohio. Request your free consultation today.

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