How to Achieve A Successful Outcome in A Personal Injury Case

In order to achieve a successful outcome in a personal injury case, it is important that your personal injury attorney is aggressive with the insurance company for the negligent driver and does not tolerate delays. We provide the insurance adjuster with one opportunity to resolve a client’s case before resorting to litigation. We do not tolerate any unnecessary delays. When an adjuster has failed to offer our client a reasonable offer for their claim that is lower than the range of value that we provide our clients before we send a settlement package, we advise our clients to immediately file a lawsuit and pursue their claims in litigation.

We also provide our clients with the necessary guidance on the importance of adequately documenting their damage claims. We cannot expect our clients to understand what pain and suffering mean. We explain to our clients that pain and suffering relate to the anxiety and stress that they went through from the time their accident occurred up to the time their doctor gives them a clean bill of health. We spend the necessary time to explain to them the importance of providing their doctor with all of their injuries in detail from top to bottom and all their limitations, restrictions, and the emotional impact that the accident has had on them.

It is also essential that we negotiate significant reductions from their health insurance and auto insurance companies. In Ohio, our client’s automobile and health insurance companies have a special right to recover any medical bills paid on our client’s behalf that is called a subrogation claim.

Finally, it is critical that our clients are adequately prepared throughout the litigation process. The most important stage of the litigation process is our client’s sworn testimony and the testimony of the negligent driver. We thoroughly prepare our clients so that they can describe in detail their injuries, limitations and restrictions, and all of the critical facts relating to their accident.

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