4 Questions to Ask During a Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

Have you been injured in an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident and need advice from an Ohio lawyer?

Many personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation, which can be a great opportunity to ask your questions and start getting some basic answers.

Here are four questions that we often hear prospective clients ask our law firm during the initial consultation. (We’ve also included our own responses to these questions).

1. Do Most of Your Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial?

90% of our cases do not go to trial. They are usually resolved during the claims process or, if the case is in litigation, at Mediation. A Mediation is an alternative method that our Courts use to resolve personal injury claims. A judge or a private attorney acts as a Mediator to facilitate settlement negotiations between parties. We always mediate all of our cases so that we can get our clients another alternative other than going to trial, which can be expensive and quite stressful.

2. Do You Have the Experience to Fight Insurance Companies?

We have over 20 years of experience fighting insurance companies and getting fair compensation for our clients. We pride ourselves in taking our cases to trial, and not settling our clients’ claims for whatever the insurance company tells us is fair.

3. Will I Have to Pay Back My Insurance Company for Bills They Paid on My Behalf?

Even though our clients pay premium payments to have good auto insurance and health insurance coverage, under Ohio law, your health and auto insurance companies have a right to recoup any medical bills that they paid on your behalf when their personal injury claim settles. This right is called a subrogation right.

4. Who Pays for a Client’s Bills While They are Still Treating?

We always remind our clients to make sure that all of their medical bills are submitted to their health insurance company, and in the event that their health insurance does not pay a bill, to submit that bill to their auto insurance. That is called medical payments coverage.

Have additional questions? Contact our firm to ask your questions and to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney at our Columbus, Ohio office.

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