Factors That Add Value to Your Personal Injury Case


The factors that add value to your personal injury case in an auto accident, pedestrian, trucking, or motorcycle case depend on various information. Here is a list of what is considered when assessing the value of a personal injury case:

  1. The fault (lawyers call it liability or negligence) of the other party, is based upon the police report or our independent investigation of the accident.
  2. The medical treatment you received as a result of your injuries.
  3. The doctor’s diagnosis (the cause and location of the pain caused by your injuries).
  4. The doctor’s assessment of the seriousness of your injuries.
  5. The doctor’s prognosis (outlook for the future).
  6. The doctor’s reports, charts, and office records have been provided to us.
  7. The amount of your medical bills and the amount of medical bills for future treatment your doctor believes are reasonably certain to occur in the future.
  8. Any lost earnings you have incurred, or are reasonably certain to incur in the future, as a direct result of your injuries.
  9. Any expenses you have incurred, and are reasonably certain to incur in the future as a direct result of your injuries.

The documentation that your treating doctors, physical therapists, and specialists provide in their medical records is critical when insurance companies place a value on your personal injury case. You need to provide your medical providers with details about your injuries, limitations, restrictions, and how your accident impacted you and your ability to enjoy activities.

When you describe your injuries, start from the top of your head and go downwards and list everywhere on your body where you had pain and describe what the pain felt like. For example, tell your doctor that you had neck pain and describe that the neck pain was an aching and radiating pain that was constant. It is not enough just to tell your medical doctor that you had neck pain. It is very important that you describe what your neck pain felt like.

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