11 Suggestions for a Dog Bite Victim in Columbus, Ohio

Few people ever imagine themselves becoming a dog bite victim. Unfortunately, dog bites occur – even in Columbus, Ohio. It’s therefore wise to be prepared, especially if you live or work near animals.

11 Suggestions for Dog Bite Victims

Here are the eleven most important things that dog bite victims should do:

  1. Obtain as many witness names and addresses as possible;
  2. Contact the police and the animal control shelter and file incident reports;
  3. Gather as much information as you can about the owner of the dog. Obtain all of the homeowner’s insurance information, including the name of the insurance carrier, policy number, and address information;
  4. Take pictures of all of your injuries;
  5. Obtain medical treatment as soon as possible;
  6. Ask the police officer and animal control officer to obtain all of the homeowner’s insurance information, so it can be documented in a report;
  7. Keep a detailed diary that thoroughly outlines all of your injuries, restrictions, and limitations from the date of the incident to current;
  8. Submit all of your medical records and bills to dog owner’s homeowners insurance company. It is critical that you provide the adjuster with as much information as possible about all of your injuries, restrictions, and limitations. You should also immediately forward all records and bills on your treatment to the adjuster, so that they can adequately place reserves on your claim. Very early on in a case, adjusters place a reserve of money on each injured victim’s claim. The amount of money that they place in reserve is based on the medical documentation that you provide, as well as a thorough history of your injuries, limitations, and restrictions from the date of the incident through current. Forward and provide all of this information to the adjuster as soon as possible;
  9. Do not agree to do any interviews with the adjuster for the homeowner’s insurance company without discussing your personal injury claim with an experienced attorney;
  10. It is critical that you provide your doctors and treating physicians with a thorough history of all injuries you sustained in the dog bite. Outline, in detail, all of your limitations and restrictions. Include all activities that you are restricted from doing and how the incident has impacted you;
  11. Continue to maintain a detailed diary, thoroughly outlining all of your injuries, restrictions, and limitations. These diary notes are critical when it comes time to settling your claim with the insurance company.

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