Ohio’s Dog Bite Statute

You and your son are taking a leisurely walk through a Columbus playground when the unexpected happens. A pedestrian loses control of his dog, and it bites your son on the arm. After dealing with the initial shock that the event took place and seeking medical attention, you’re still at a loss about what to do next. You are still unsure about the far-reaching consequences of the event on your son. You also don’t want this to happen to another unsuspecting person.

Should you seek legal action against the dog owner?

Let’s explore your options.

In the Event of a Dog Bite

In Ohio, an owner is held responsible for damages caused by the dog on the owner’s property or in a public area. Ohio Revised Code 955.11 eliminates the requirement of showing that the owner knew of the dog’s vicious propensities. The only defenses available to the dog owner include cases where the injured party trespassed on the dog owner’s property, engaged in criminal conduct, or teased, tormented or abused the dog on the owner’s property.

In other words, Ohio no longer requires that the victim prove that the owner had knowledge of the dog’s viciousness, that the dog was vicious, or that the owner kept the dog in a negligent manner.

What Dog Bite Victims Need to Know

If you have been a victim of a dog bite, you must obtain the following information as soon as possible:

1. Obtain as many witness names and addresses as possible

2. Gather as much information as you can about the owner’s homeowner’s insurance

3. Take pictures of all of your injuries

4. Obtain medical treatment as soon as possible

5. Take down as many notes about the incident as possible

Tom Somos Can Help You

Dog bites are traumatic enough without dealing with the legal repercussions alone. That’s why Tom Somos is here to help. He’s helped countless dog bite victims in the Columbus, Ohio area. Call today to see how we can help you through this difficult time.

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