Avoiding & Dealing with Dog Attack Injuries in Ohio

There are certain locations and situations that are more prone to dog attacks.

In this article, we’ll share tips for avoiding dog attack injuries and what to do if you sustain an injury in the State of Ohio.

Most Dog Attacks Occur at Home

We have represented victims of dog bites for over 22 years. Based on our experience, most of the dog bite cases that we have seen occur in homes where friends or roommates are injured by a dog that they are familiar with. These dog bites occur in situations where the dog is encouraged by the dog owner to play aggressively.

Some Dog Attacks Occur in Public Places

We have also seen situations where small children have been attacked by a dog that the child is unfamiliar with in parks and in neighborhood areas. The dog is usually not on a leash and is not supervised by its owner and left astray to wonder alone.

When an Unfamiliar Dog Approaches

We have also seen situations where people are injured by a dog when the unfamiliar dog approaches them and they panic or try to play with the dog that responds aggressively to them. We recommend remaining motionless and remain calm when an unfamiliar dog approaches you. Never play with an unfamiliar dog.

What to Do if a Dog Attacks You

Here are a few additional tips if you or your child are a victim of a dog bite.

1. Always obtain the names, phone numbers, and addresses of all the witnesses that saw the dog bite you or your child.

2. Obtain as much information about the dog owner as possible, especially their homeowners’ insurance information, insurance company name, and the carrier’s address, telephone number, and policy information.

3. Of course, you should immediately obtain medical attention. When talking to the treating doctor, be sure to explain all of the facts that occurred during the dog bite incident so that the doctor can hear the full extent of your injuries, limitations, and restrictions. Make sure you tell your doctor everywhere that you are feeling pain and describe what each injury feels like. For example, is the pain constant or does it come and go? Provide as much detail as possible, including your injuries, limitations, and restrictions. (The insurance company relies on this documentation when it places a value on your claim.)

4. Make sure you take photographs of all your injuries.

5. Take notes about all of the activities that you enjoy doing and how your injuries have impacted your ability to perform those activities.

Questions about Dog Attack Injuries?

Dealing with dog attack injuries in Ohio? Check out this free resource from the Ohio Revised Code. Also, our law firm is here to answer your questions. Contact us for more information.

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