Securing Your Legacy: Will and Estate Planning with Tom Somos in Columbus

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Securing Your Legacy: Will and Estate Planning with Tom Somos in Columbus Introduction: Estate planning is a crucial step in managing your assets and ensuring that your wishes are honored. At The Law Office of Tom Somos in Columbus, Ohio, clients receive experienced will and estate planning attorney services, tailored to safeguard their legacy and […]

Navigating Real Estate Law in Columbus with Attorney Tom Somos

Buying You Home Without a Real Estate Agent

Navigating Real Estate Law in Columbus with Attorney Tom Somos Introduction: Real estate transactions, whether residential or commercial, are significant milestones. They involve intricate legal details that can be overwhelming without the right guidance. This is where the expertise of Tom Somos, at the Law Office of Tom Somos, LLC, becomes invaluable. Located in Columbus, […]

What You Must Do Whenever You Negotiate a Home Renovation project With a Contractor

If you are building a home or hiring a contractor to do renovations to your home, here are five of the most important things that you need to do when negotiating your contract with your builder/contractor: 1) Always negotiate a maximum guaranteed price with the contractor. This means placing a limit on the amount of […]

Buying Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

Buying You Home Without a Real Estate Agent

Many of my clients are utilizing our law firm to represent them when they are buying a home without a real estate agent. Our law firm charges a flat fee of $1,500.00 to prepare the real estate purchase form for our client, handle all of their negotiations and review all of their real estate closing […]

The Most Important Claims to Make Against a Bad Contractor

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The most important claims that you must file against a bad contractor include claims for breach of contract, negligence, promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment, and violations of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act and Home Solicitations Sales Act: I. BREACH OF CONTRACT In order to have a valid breach of contract claim, you need to have […]

Damage Claims that You Must Allege Against a Bad Contractor

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No one wants to feel trapped in a relationship with a bad contractor. If you are in this situation, however, what should you do? When you are facing litigation and you have to sue a bad contractor for work that they failed to do or did negligently, it is essential that you claim the following […]

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney to Sell My House?

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“Do I need a real estate attorney to sell my house?” When you have located a buyer and don’t want to hire a real estate agent to sell your home, you might find yourself asking this very question. The answer, of course, depends on your unique situation. What a Lawyer Can Do Based on our […]

Why a Reputable Ohio Home Inspector Should Thoroughly Inspect Your Dream Home

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When you’re planning a big move to the home of your dreams, you don’t want to take any shortcuts. From researching the area to planning how to optimize the layout, you have undoubtedly spent hours of time and energy selecting this home. You want this purchase to be safe and comfortable for your family. How […]

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

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When buying a home, there are an overwhelming amount of points to consider. You may be asking yourself, “Do I need a real estate attorney?” As we pointed out in our last article, a residential real estate lawyer can be very helpful. Today we’ll share a few more real estate tips and explore how a […]

How a Residential Real Estate Lawyer Can Help in Ohio (Part 1)

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Moving into a new home can be a very stressful time. A residential real estate lawyer can be helpful when you are purchasing a home and can assist you through this long and complex process, beginning with the real estate purchase agreement and ending with your real estate closing. Here’s how a residential real estate […]