What Are My General Damages In A Personal Injury Case

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What Are My General Damages In A Personal Injury Case And What Is Pain And Suffering, In any personal injury case, there is a lot more than you can recover in addition to your medical bills, lost earnings and prescription bills and out-of-pocket expenses. Any of our clients can collect this information and that’s not why […]

The Stages In The Litigation Of A Personal Injury Case And The Hurdles

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The Stages In The Litigation Of A Personal Injury Case And The Hurdles That Must Be Crossed Before A Case Can Be Settled, In any personal injury case, the litigation begins when our client files the lawsuit. Once the lawsuit is filed, the negligent driver has 28 days to answer a client’s Complaint. After the negligent […]

Average Car Verdicts In Franklin County And Surrounding Counties In Ohio

In Franklin County and the surrounding 4 counties that include Delaware, Licking, Clark and Pickaway we have found that jury verdicts are extremely low and conservative. We believe that these low verdicts result from the work that our jury pool perform. They are typically in the insurance, financial and healthcare sectors. These sectors typically are […]

The Damages That You Are Entitled To Receive In Your Personal Injury Case

Under Ohio law, a personal injury claimant is entitled to be paid by the insurance company for full, fair and just compensation for all of the following damage categories: The nature, and extent of your injuries. This includes the nature of your injuries, the severity and extent of your injuries and the effect that your […]

Looking for an Automobile Accident Attorney In Columbus ?

Were you injured in an accident?  Personal injury accidents may cause unwanted changes in your life. You may have permanent disabilities and thousands of dollars in medical bills, on top of property damages and the inability to return to work. You may have lost someone close to you because of another person’s negligence. Let us […]

Auto Insurance Policies: Knowing Your Duties & Dealing with Bad Faith Situations

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Under your automobile insurance policy, you have to fulfill a variety of duties. These duties include the following: 1) cooperating with your automobile insurance company and assisting with your claim; 2) sending your automobile insurance company any legal papers you received relating to your claim; 3) having a physical examination with a doctor that your […]

5 Essential Automobile and Property Insurance Coverages

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When you are purchasing automobile and property insurance in the State of Ohio, it is extremely important that you have the following insurance coverages: 1) gap insurance 2) rental coverage insurance 3) uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage 4) medical payments coverage 5) mold coverage Let’s take a closer look at each. Gap Insurance Gap insurance coverage is […]

3 Biggest Issues for Personal Injury Cases in Ohio in 2021

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The 3 biggest issues that we anticipate seeing in our personal injury cases in Ohio in 2021 will include the following: 1) subrogation or the right of your health insurance or auto insurance company to collect money back from you for the payment of all of your medical bills related to the accident; 2) inadequately […]

What is Subrogation?

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Subrogation significantly impacts automobile, trucking collision, and slip and fall cases in Ohio. This article explains what subrogation is and how it impacts your personal injury case. What is Subrogation? Subrogation is the right of a health insurance and/or auto insurance company to recoup all of the money it paid for your medical bills as […]

Franklin County Personal Injury Cases: Why We Choose Mediation

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At our law office, we always mediate all of our personal injury cases including automobile accidents, trucking collisions, and slip and fall cases. Here’s why. What is Mediation? Mediation is an alternative method that lawyers use to resolve their cases and provide an alternative to you other than going to trial. A private attorney, magistrate, […]