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The Law Office of Tom Somos, located in Columbus, Ohio provides aggressive, competent, and responsive litigation for partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, and sole proprietors. If you are looking for an experienced attorney, you have come to the right place.

Our lawyers assist clients with all aspects of their Small Business Agreements and all type of businesses including choosing the ideal business formation, drafting contracts and agreements, and dealing with employees. We draft a plethora of documents for clients including:

We draft Employment Agreements like Employee Confidentiality Agreements that are designed to protect our clients’ business and trade secrets. This agreement contains important provisions regarding an employee divulging company secrets. We also draft Employment Agreements for our clients for use in workplace stations including Independent Contractor Agreements and regular employee employment agreements that are used when a business wants to hire an individual from outside the company for a limited period of time. These employment agreements provide the terms and conditions of the employment relationship, including duties, salary, benefits, and more.

We also draft Independent Contractor Agreements, Non-compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements, as well as Contractor Agreements. The Contractor Agreement includes the specific work to be performed, the time frame for completion, and when the subcontractor will be paid. This agreement also indemnifies the contractor against any claims or liabilities arising out of the performance of the work.

An Employee Non-Compete Agreement is an agreement between an employer and an employee whereby the employee agrees not to compete with the employer after the employee’s termination of employment. This means that for a certain time and in a certain geographical area the employee cannot (i) engage in a competing business as an owner, partner, agent, employee, contractor or consultant; or (ii) solicit customers for the benefit of a third party engaged in such business. In addition to the provisions described above, this form also provides additional provisions including an agreement not to solicit employees and a confidentiality agreement.

Among others, this form includes the following key provisions:

A Buy-Sell  Small Business Agreements and all type of businesses Agreement is important to have when a co-owner (shareholder, partner, or member of an LLC) retires, resigns, is disabled, dies, goes bankrupt, or divorces. To prevent disputes, there should be a procedure in place to buy out that person for a fair price–and for an amount, the remaining owners can afford. This considers concepts like buy-out amount and terms, installments, years of service, etc.

We also draft Employee Handbooks that set out specific policies covering benefits, wages, use of company property, and conduct of its employees. In addition, we can create an Employee Information Release Authorization which is drafted to lawfully obtain employment records and information. We also prepare a wide array of Employment and Personnel Letters, Engagement Letters, Offer Letters, Resignation Letters, Recommendation Letters, and much more.

We also prepare for our clients a Proposal for Services which outlines a bid or proposal for specific services. These proposals set out the type of services to be rendered and sales and service agreements which set forth all of the detailed terms of the arrangement.  This includes the specific services to be performed and the cost. Also included are numerous agreements related to contractors, household, child care, and business needs.

We also draft Severance and Termination of Small Business Agreements and all type of businesses Agreements specifically designed to provide a variety of model termination and severance agreements for use with employees. We provide guidance to employers when terminating an employee.

We will draft your desired contracts always looking to protect your interests. When applicable, we will attempt to use readable and understandable writing, not legalese. Utilizing understandable writing within contracts helps to avoid potential problems, and helps avoid costly litigation.

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