Big Truck Accident in Ohio: 17 Things to Obtain

If you have been involved in an accident with a semi-truck, there are several critical pieces of information that you need to try and obtain.

Here are the most important things to do immediately when involved in an accident with a big truck in Ohio.

17 Things to Obtain in a Big Truck Accident in Ohio

1) Obtain the name, address and telephone number of the truck driver, the name of their company, and supervisor;

2) Obtain as many witnesses as possible, including names, addresses, and phone numbers;

3) Contact the police and file an accident report immediately;

4) Take photographs of all of the damage to your vehicle and the semi-truck;

5) Inspect the truck and trailer and take down as much information including the license plate number and photographs of the damage;

6) If the case is catastrophic, consider hiring an accident reconstruction expert who specializes in obtaining all of the details at a scene;

7) Request copies of all photographs, video and audio recordings, dash cam, body cam, witness statements, and field notes from all of the investigating agencies;

8) Promptly make a FOIA request to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration;

9) Perform Internet research on the crash to gather whatever media coverage is available;

10) Download an online satellite view of the scene;

11) Do social media research regarding the Company and the driver;

12) Look for any close businesses or residences with cameras or surveillance that faced the street or area of the crash;

13) Record all of the Department of Transportation motor carrier numbers, company, personal names on the truck, trailer, freight container, placards, tags and fuel permits for the truck;

14) Photograph any dangling wires or any defective items that you see on the truck or trailer or any suspicious items inside the trailer;

15) Talk to all public safety personnel at the scene, investigating officers, rescue personnel and first responders;

16) Obtain the medical care and treatment that you need as soon as possible. It is critical that you provide doctors and treating physicians with a thorough history of all of the injuries you sustained, all of the limitations and restrictions, and how the accident has impacted you; and

17) Maintain a detailed diary that thoroughly outlines all of your injuries, limitations and restrictions. These diaries are critical when it comes time to settle your claim with a trucking company.


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