What to Do if You’ve Hired a Bad Contractor in Ohio

Not every contractor is as reliable as the next. In fact, we’ve witnessed first hand just how unreliable some contractors in Ohio can actually be.

If you have hired a bad contractor, there are some important steps you should consider when resolving the situation. In this quick article, we’ll share a few observations that we have made while practicing law in Ohio.

1. Maintain Documentation of Your Problems

Keeping detailed documentation of all of the problems that you have had with your contractor is a vital part of the process. Maintain detailed information about the extent of your damages, out-of-pocket expenses, and other losses impacted by your negligent contractor.

2. Take Photographs

Be sure to take photographs of all of the defective and negligent work committed by the bad contractor. It is important that all of the photographs or video footage reflect all of the damage to your home.

3. Write Down Your Story

Be sure to write down what the contractor did that caused you harm. Write down the story of what happened, what you were promised before you signed the contract, what promises were breached, and all of the discussions that you had with the negligent contractor.

4. Make Note of the Impact of False Promises

Make a note of how you were impacted by relying on your contractor’s false promises. Make a note of any work performed by your contractor that violated any applicable city codes, laws, or ordinances. Make a note of all of his misrepresentations. Also make a note of all eyewitnesses or witnesses that can confirm your side of the story and was aware of all of your losses.

5. Consult with a Reputable Contractor

It is also essential that you consult with a reputable contractor that will inspect the work done by your negligent contractor and provide you with an opinion letter that confirms all of the negligent contractor’s breaches, all of his defective work, and an estimate on all of the costs to fix the contractor’s defective work.


If you’re dealing with a bad contractor in Ohio, our firm is here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us to ask a question or to chat with our team.

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