Why Preserving Evidence is So Important for Your Ohio Auto Accident Case

Have you ever been involved in an auto accident? If so, did you stop to think about gathering evidence? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably not.

In this post, we’ll explore why it’s so important to preserve auto accident case evidence when involved in a crash in Ohio.

Crash Report

It is extremely important in an Ohio auto accident case to preserve all of the evidence from the collision. This includes a copy of the crash report. Many clients feel that they do not need to get a crash report – and, likewise, many negligent drivers would probably prefer that you not get a crash report. Always obtain a crash report. Always wait for an officer to arrive at the scene of the collision.

When the officer arrives, be sure to provide a written statement that summarizes your version of how the accident happened. Many vehicles are now equipped with vehicle data that can confirm your speed and measure the force of the impact to your vehicle. It is important that you preserve this evidence as well. When the negligent driver provides you with his or her version of how the accident happened, take down any notes that document why he or she was negligent, whether they apologized to you or accepted responsibility, and what their mannerisms and personal appearance were like. If there was any redness in their eyes or their speech was slurred, make sure to make a note of this. Their personal conduct and demeanor is very important in an auto accident case.


In addition, make sure that you take many photographs to depict all of the damage to the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes clients do not take pictures that depict the damage to the negligent driver’s vehicle. Make sure you take pictures of all of the vehicles involved.

Also take photographs that depict the scene of the collision, including landmarks and buildings. Also, take pictures of where your vehicle and the negligent driver’s vehicle stopped after the impact.


If there are any eyewitnesses, take down their names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Make a note of what they saw and their versions of how the accident occurred.

Physical Ailments

If you have any visible bleeding, blacking, bluing, or swelling, make sure you take photographs to depict all of these injuries.

If you are feeling any pain, it is essential that you go to the emergency room, urgent care, or primary care physician immediately. You need to be treated and prescribed medication (if necessary). Oftentimes, clients that obtain immediate medical assistance have quicker recovery times. It is essential that whenever you see the emergency room physician, urgent care specialist, or primary care physician, you thoroughly outline for the doctor all of your injuries in detail. Describe what the pain feels like and whether it is constant and ongoing. Make a list and provide the doctor with the list of all of your limitations and restrictions. Provide your doctor with a summary of any anxiety and stress that you went through after your accident. List everything that was impacted by the wreck, especially all of the activities that you enjoyed.

When you provide your doctor with a thorough medical history, this will help document your file and help the insurance company understand the extent of your injuries and damages.

Keep a diary of all of your injuries, limitations, restrictions, anxiety, and stresses caused by the collision.

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