Auto Accident Attorney Columbus: 11 Things to Look For

In a split second, an auto accident can create effects that last a lifetime. Many people struggle to decide whether to pursue legal action. After deciding to take your case to the next level, you need a trusted professional on your side. Not only must your lawyer put you at ease, but he or she should instill confidence within you.

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Auto Accident Attorney Columbus: What to Look For

When you are looking to hire an auto accident lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, some of the questions you should ask the attorney are as follows:

1. Expertise

The attorney’s expertise in personal injury law, litigation experience and trial experience;

2. Focus Area

The focus area of the attorney’s practice and whether the firm specializes in personal injury law;

3. Reviews

Whether the attorney has received reviews from former clients and peers;

4. Attentiveness

Whether the attorney is attentive to your specific needs (including being a good listener and being receptive and empathetic to your questions and concerns);

5. Case Outcomes

The verdicts and settlements that the attorney has obtained for personal injury clients;

6. Methods & Strategies

The specific method and strategy of the attorney when filing a personal injury claim and the methods used to efficiently and effectively obtain a successful outcome;

7. Team

Whether the attorney will be the only attorney working on your case or whether he or she will utilize other associates and paralegals;

8. Comprehensive Approach

Considers all of the factors considered under Ohio law when determining the value of your claim;

9. Local Verdicts

The jury verdicts in the county where the personal injury originated and what potential juries are awarding for similar claims;

10. Advertising Presence

Whether the attorney markets his legal services using television advertising and utilizes mass mailings to potential personal injury claimants; and

11. Passion

Why the attorney enjoys practicing personal injury law.

You Deserve a Good Attorney

After raising these issues, you will have a clear picture of whether the attorney you’ve met is a good fit. You are the client, and the journey you’re about to begin can be long and tiresome. When it comes to legal representation, you want the best, you deserve the best, and you should not settle for less.

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